Telecommuting: Who Should Set Strategy?


More workers are telecommuting, and businesses may increase remote work even more in the near future. If that happens, shouldn't IT play a central role in putting together a plan? For months, CIO Insight readers have expressed great interest in articles about telecommuting. In a recent editorial, Eric Chabrow wrote about the need for more remote work, given the burden of high gas prices and the unanticipated benefits in recruiting and retaining top talent.

His column began by saying CIOs should take the lead in establishing telecommuting strategies. An anonymous reader fired back, saying CIOs can impact policy, but that it's up to HR to lead.

But aren't CIOs uniquely positioned to lead decision making on telecommuting? After all, increased mobility poses significant risks for any company, a point that CIOs must address more than other C-level executives.

Sound off, IT pros: who should take the reins in developing a telecommuting strategy for your company. IT? Or some other department? Can non-IT managers fully understand all the ramifications of increasing remote work?


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