Steve Jobs' Leave Sheds New Light on IT Succession


Ed Cone has a great perspective on Apple CEO Steve Jobs' announcement that he'll be stepping away from the company to deal with health issues.

While it'll be interesting to see how Apple fares (and if they can keep up their head-spinning innovation), I hope Ed's mention of succession management resonates with executives, particularly for IT leaders.

Ed cited Gary Perman, an insightful staffing exec who's written some very interesting stuff on the downfalls of not training IT workers, and why executives decide against it. His writing is very instructive in these times.

2009 can be a banner year for IT, but one of the key recipes for success is in retaining top talent. CIOs are constantly urged to do whatever they can to keep their best talent on board, but the idea of retention also applies to CIOs themselves. CEOs and their boards need to look closely at their IT leaders and provide all the necessary incentives to keep talented CIOs from jumping ship. True, the job market isn't the greatest, but top talent can always find new jobs, no matter how depressing the climate.

Smart executives will focus on retention in 2009. Those that lose their cool in the face of the recession could also face losing their jobs.

Which do you want to be this year? A winner, or a loser?


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