Slideshows and Sleaze


UPDATE: ESPN has suspended its relationships with the Post, meaning that NYP reporters won't be showing up on ESPN programs anytime soon.

Bright folks like you have long since figured out that online publications use slideshows not just to present information in a user-friendly format, but to generate page-views.

It's not always a bad deal for the reader. Some features that would work well in print seem cumbersome on the web. Breaking them up into bite-sized chunks makes them more palatable for website readers. Here's an example I'm proud of, done by one of the better reporters in the business, David Carr.

But a recent slideshow in the New York Post just made me feel dirty.

The tabloid accompanied the web version of its outraged article about a peeping-tom video of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews with a slideshow made up of no fewer than three stills from the movie.

One image would have been plenty to illustrate the article. Three?

That's indecent, and I don't mean the blurry photos of an unclad woman.