Secure and Stimulating: Sounds Like Cosmo, Reads Like CIOI


Public spending on IT infrastructure should include security, and not just for economic stimulus, says Steve Baker.

A recommendation that the White House take leadership on the issue of cyber-security: "The cyber chief would report to the president and have his own staff of 10 to 20 people who would work with a beefed-up National Security Council cyber staff and federal agencies to implement the president's cyber policies."

Man, "cyber" seems dated, doesn't it?

The larger case for internet investment: "We hear a lot about infrastructure investment today: roads and bridges, mostly. But we live in an information society and an information economy. We need investment in information infrastructure, and that, in the near term that is relevant for a recovery package, means massive public investment in Fiber To The Home (FTTH) and creating a fundamentally new system for adult education and its conversion into greater local involvement in education programs at local public schools."

Previously: [B]roadband maybe not as essential as water, but as essential as hot water.

Previously: "What kind of network environment, what kind of information environment, are we providing the general population and the business community in the United States? And the if the answer is, It's a weaker one, a less effective one than other places in the world, is that going to disable us in some way, is it going to retard our ability to be competitive?"

Related: "The news on capital expenditure has to be worrisome news for residents in AT&T franchise territory in outlying and rural areas."


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