Readers Say: Innovation List Feedback


Readers respond to Tony Kontzer's critique and addendums to the PBS list of tech innovations.

Bob writes: "It'd be nice if someone at PBS (or you, Ed) had a calendar. It's 2009, so 30 years started in 1980. (Remember the 2000/2001 millenium (sic) issue.) So even 'major advances of the late '70s' shouldn't qualify."

But for the fact that PBS is clear that it means to discuss popularization of technology, not lab work or early adoption, a perfectly fine point.

Some conversation around Kontzer's inclusion of the iPod, with some people arguing compression is the real technology to be celebrated. Eh, maybe, but the iPod was the innovation that big-banged compression. Of such things are barroom arguments made of.

And Malcolm Ryder's interesting comment includes this: "Innovation is fundamentally conceptual; some concepts turn into gadgets (however complex and networked); the most important innovations could be coming from the arts, spiritual life, or other non-IT arenas where what is new is the way people allow themselves to think before they do."

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