Readers Say: Shrinking IT


Lots of feedback on this feature about big changes ahead for IT, especially the part about an outflow of jobs to other departments within the enterprise.

Some readers were so freaked out by the projections that they hit "send" before reading carefully.

So, yes, we did source the report -- the text that runs beside every slide credits a report from the Corporate Executive Board. And as we said, the idea is not that IT jobs will just vanish, but they could move beyond the control of a CIO.

And, no, we weren't just trolling for page views -- publishing the excerpts doesn't mean we buy every projection, or think the year 2015 will look exactly as the report predicts. But these trends seem worth discussing.

A thoughtful note from reader Dave Milne:

There is going to be big culture clash between centralization and decentralization. The real question will be: will organizations use what they've learned when they were centralized and when they were decentralized. For those who aren't old enough to have lived through these cultural changes, my sympathies.

And for the ever knowing business consultant, there will be ample chaos out there to make fortunes solving or causing disasters. We all know the phrase "I told you so" never plays well in an annual review nor in a post-mortem after a disaster. When people start this process, I hope their TCO analyses are complete. One last phrase you don't want to hear, in a TCO review, is "that will never happen to us".


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