Readers Respond to a Suicide


Tony Kontzer's post about suicide and the way we deal with it elicited an unusual number of comments -- and many of those comments were unusually personal for our biztech publication.

These responses, like Tony's original post, are a reminder that we all share things more fundamental than our professional interests. But there's a business lesson, there, too -- managing people means remembering that they are people first, not assets on an org chart.

Read the comment thread when you get a chance. Meanwhile, some excerpts:

Wayne said, "Your article startled and touched me, as this is the first time I have ever replied to a blog."

Terry wrote, "My first wife was 45 when she committed suicide, facing problems that most other people find a way to overcome. Yet, that was the only solution she could see. That was 16 years ago and I still think of her and the situation every day."

Cindy Mazza, responding to a quote from the late Richard Egan: "Thanks Richard. Here's hoping you found the peace we all seek."

Much, much more at the link above.


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