Very refreshing. If I want to feel the sun shine on my face and taste the fruits of progress, I can't take a back seat and allow others to define my role as relegated to a "tactical" pawn or running a "utility" like Scottie in the Engine Room of the Enterprise. Yes, to get anything tangible accomplished I need to put my nose to the grindstone, focus, manage and work out the details to produce and deliver. But, after years of working in the trenches with business stake holders delivering solutions for their business needs, I have found that I have well developed enterprise perspective of the business and often drive strategic planning in a direction that will produce better success and achieve better efficiency in the end solution than if I just waited for instructions form the Star Chamber. It irks me to see how business and IT/consultants jostle back and forth on requirements and scope as if everything is ordered a la carte ("Oh, I'm sorry sir, when you ordered the soup you didn't specify cup or bowl, so please cup your hands and I will serve your soup, if you would like to add a cup or a bowl now I will add it to your bill. Be careful this is hot.") Business workers are smart strategists but the company is even smarter when IT workers step up and help lead the strategy by contributing perspective and knowledge that the business people do not bring to the table.