PC Mag and the Passing of Print


PC Magazine to ditch print edition, go online-only.

Stunning at first glance, given the big, fat, money-gusher that the mag once was, but less so upon consideration; this is content that's perfect for the web, and has moved there already.

A note on the publisher: it ain't us. We're Ziff Davis Enterprise, spun out of Ziff Davis Media before it filed for bankruptcy. We target business and IT readers, ZDM kept the consumer brands. There's a tragicomic story to be told about the boom, bubble, bust trajectory of the ZD entities, but that's for another time.

Does print still matter? I think it does, for some things. Our print version of CIO Insight has long articles, aimed at a specialized community of high-level tech and business readers who are interested in strategy. It's a relatively small group by design, and the content that serves it well in print may not attract huge audiences online; my job, as someone who writes for both print and the web, is to work effectively in both media, and to bridge the gap where its useful and productive for our overlapping audiences.

In any case, the passing of PC from print is the end of an era.