McCain's Tech Plan


John McCain's new technology plan will be released to day (we'll link it when it goes live).


The plan, dubbed "John McCain and American Innovation"...will call for a 10% tax credit on wages paid to all research-and-development employees. At the same time, it will reiterate Sen. McCain's opposition to Internet taxes and new laws guaranteeing net neutrality, the idea that Internet providers must treat all legal Internet traffic equally...

...The plan resulted from months of work by several of Sen. McCain's former telecommunications-policy aides and supporters, including former Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael Powell.

Sen. Obama's plan, released last year, emphasized issues important to organized labor and Democratic activists, such as pressing for media-ownership diversity, ensuring an open Internet and encouraging affordable Internet access.

Previously: Obama's plan and a national CTO.

I spoke with Vint Cerf yesterday about national technology policy (and a bunch of other stuff); I'll post that as soon as possible.


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