Look Out For That Steam Roller, Austin!


I participated recently in a panel discussion at a corporate retreat, with the subject being media coverage in this modern age. My role was New Media Guy.

Everyone listened thoughtfully as a financial analyst explained the business reasons for the decline of traditional platforms, including print and television.

Then they listened raptly as an editor from the New York Times talked about the New York Times. These are folks who really, really value print coverage from the Paper of Record.

My turn. I played off the first speaker's comments to say that new media are increasingly important, and that even if you get written about in the Times it won't be an everyday occurrence, so new media can help a lot in the info-dissemination game on every other day of the year, and that you need a strategy because simple-to-use tools are not necessarily simple to use well (just as swinging a hammer is not the same thing as driving a nail), and that new media tools take sustained effort and well-articulated strategy.

After which, everyone had questions for the Times editor about ways to get into the print edition of the Times.

Progress is slow. But like that steam roller in Austin Powers, it's going to run over you eventually if you don't keep moving.