Chandan August 26, 2013 9:42 pm

two countries you meonitned russia and china they both,like greece, latvia, and iceland, have a lot of national pride left.Whereras the west . not so much.Unfortunately we in the United States never really grasped the notion of a country based upon laws, laws that assume the inalienable rights of individuals. Scalia doesn't hate the bill of rights because it protects people, it does no such thing, the reason our supreme justices hate the bill of rights is because it restricts their government. Americans were never taught what it means to be a citizen, to take pride in justice, to participate in a democratic society. In a free society we would celebrate April 15th as a National Day of Thanksgiving, not unlike ritual sacrafice for a bountiful harvest. Civics classes were killed after the sixties awakening, but these natural feelings of community are hardwired into homo sappiens, and I feel a swing of the pendulum is at hand.