IT Gets 2.0 Clue


Forrester says IT departments were slow to the Web 2.0 party, but they're catching up: "Budgetary controls, the need for integration and technical skills, and the growing importance of Web 2.0 tools are all putting IT departments in the driver's seat. Technology product managers and marketers will need to not only deal with these departments but also appeal to them outright. Those that can do so most effectively stand to close more deals, shorten the sales cycle, and grow deployments more easily."

RWW says it's "startling" that almost two-thirds of IT pros surveyed expect social techs to have an impact on the business world, and that almost all of them feel it will be a positive impact -- but a whopping 79% are worried about workers using the tools on their own, without IT involvement.

Well, yeah. People are going to use this stuff. IT can lead, follow, or get out of the way. Sounds like a lot of IT folks are opting for leadership.