Patricia Sibilia July 18, 2009 6:22 pm

In any field, IT or otherwise, I have found that leadership fundamentals are based around the ability to build solid teamwork and motivate toward goals. The only way to do that successfully is by treating your team as individual people with individual personalities. Whether it's knowing which of your team members need more stroking to keep them comfortable, or which you need to be more hands-off with, or any other of the thousands of other variations of what would make a team member successful, I've learned long ago you have to adjust your style as a leader. In some ways it's similar to teaching, not all of us have the same learning styles, so good teachers are the ones that adjust the learning style for the student, and they let them know that being different is okay. Similarly, good leaders adjust their management styles to get the best efforts out of the individuals that make up their team, and especially in IT where personalities can vary greatly, it's an art (not a science).