John Vivadelli July 08, 2010 8:07 am

Workplace mobility is the future of enterprise computing, but it's also the future of all companies as they have to become more sustainable and remain competitive. The pressure to formally adopt workplace flexibility comes from the workers and from the CFO's office at the same time. Workers are using technology to remain productive from anywhere, whether their organization has a formal plan or not. Businesses must recognize that their workforce is going mobile and provide the direction and support to keep them collaborative, to help them remain productive, to help management know how to manage this new workforce, and to keep morale high. IT has to support communications, collaboration, and office hoteling. At the same time the CFO and the VP of Commercial Real Estate are realizing their second largest costs, all those cubicles and desks, is being used less than 50%. When faced with 5- and 10-year office space leases, that under-utilization of expensive space isn't sustainable. They need Actual Use of Space data from occupancy or hot desk systems and good decision support tools to correctly trim leases to just what is needed. Mobile workers and workplace flexibility should be two top priorities for every corporation.