H1-B vs. U.S. IT Pros: Who Gets Hired?


The debate over IT job availability rages on. One reader says he'll hire American IT pros—that is, if they're equally qualified and as cost effective. In some of the recent dustup over the availability of IT jobs in the U.S., many disenchanted readers pointed to H-1B visa holders as a big part of the problem.

Then we published an analysis of the current IT job market, which set off even more comments.

One reader, who calls himself "Not Norm" (a reference to another commentor), is an IT entrepreneur who freely admits he hires H-1B holders. They're more cost effective, and they're often more talented than American applicants, he says:

Why would I hire a native grad, who has an extreme sense of entitlement and wants to pull down $60K straight of school, with only a BS in CS from an average school when I can get an H-1B grad with an MS in CS who wants less money, is more qualified, and works harder?

Put aside any personal feelings and put on your business hat, and you'll see that what he's saying makes sense.

He adds:

Here's a novel concept. How about the US workers stop complaining and start COMPETING. Get better educations, work hard, and ask for competitive wages. I promise you, my shop would gladly hire an American over an H-1B. They just have to be more qualified and at least as cost-effective.

Well, there's one employer who's willing to hire an American IT pro. But his point is much bigger.

Is "Not Norm" the only one out there in the same position? What's your take on the number of U.S. jobs going to H-1B holders versus American candidates? Does he have a point? Sound off here.