Yaser August 26, 2013 5:32 pm

Hey again (it's Simon from mwa). Just letting you know that we (so far, me and three other pepole from mwa) hve started a commenting tribe; where we comment, on each other's blogs, once a week. want to join? there's a thread about it in the JV-area of marketingwithyou.com/forumThe reason, why we do this, is that I've found out tht this is how one of the top-5 female bloggers (in the WORLD) got to where she is. So it's pretty potent. and easy as hell. All we need to do is, individually, decide one day every week when we comment. 45min a week for potentially insane results.Also: when we're at it, why not re-tweet each other's blogs..? Another very effective thing.