Going Mobile in the Obama Campaign


Last year I reported that mobile technology was "notable for its absence" in next-gen political campaigns.

"It should be maybe the most important technology of 2008, but it isn't," said Republican consultant Patrick Ruffini.

I thought of that today when I got an email from the Obama campaign, inviting me to get prompt notification of Obama's choice for running mate, via email or text message.

I chose text. That entailed texting "VP" to the number they sent. I immediately received a text message in response:

Welcome to Obama Mobile. You will now be one of the 1st notified when the VP candidate is selected. Text HELP for help. Std charges apply. Please forward.

That "please forward" jumped out at me. A large number of supporters connected by mobile devices can make a difference, as they have in other places. Maybe the Obama campaign is starting to figure it out.

An interesting note: The number of people who use only cell phones (i.e., no landlines) continues to grow, including14.5% of adults by the end of 2007. Meanwhile, "cell-only respondents are significantly more likely than either the landline respondents or the cell-mostly respondents to support Barack Obama and Democratic candidates for Congress this fall."


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