Five Downsides to a Down Economy


Eric's list of IT upsides in a down economy is not pollyanaish, but it is a list of potential upsides -- it assumes a well-managed company that is not in survival mode.

I'm guessing there are some companies out there that are not so well managed, and that have little strategic vision for the downturn beyond throwing bodies over the side.

Here's how to tell if you're working for one of them:

  1. Projects with demonstrable business value get delayed or killed for budget reasons.
  2. Necessary maintenance and upgrades don't happen.
  3. No retention plan for key employees.
  4. Headcount reductions target most expensive people, regardless of value to organization.
  5. Strategic role of IT reduced in favor of focus on efficiency.
What can you do if you find yourself at one of these companies? Hope one of Eric's companies is hiring.


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