Fair use


And so the latest dust-up between the corporate media and bloggers is settled quietly.

But the fight is far from over. The issues underlying the dispute remain, well, in dispute.

The AP, sent a heavy-handed letter to a blogger over the use of its material, kicking up a firestorm in the blogosphere.

The news agency plans to release guidelines on fair use of its copyrighted work.

Rogers Cadenhead, the blogger at the center of the kerfuffle, writes this: "If AP's guidelines end up like the ones they shared with me, we're headed for a Napster-style battle on the issue of fair use."

He concludes: "If AP's core business is to report the news, blogs and social news sites send millions of people to its articles every day...If its core business is to repackage the news, they're in as much trouble as every other middleman on the web."


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