Sreven August 27, 2013 12:21 pm

Hi Dave,I agree with your premis. To achviee true agility the influence of core competencies (software dev. may be one of these) of the organization will have to extend outside their areas to create an aligned organization. Aligning the whole org. to their values is a leadership challenge.I'd like to investigate the source of the graph. While the avg. may have dropped over the years... I'll bet that is not the only interesting info in the data set. Those wave patterns look interesting on the avg. line. I noticed a repeat of the year 1990 on the X-axis - weird. 15 yrs for the Avg. corp life expectancy is quite short in one view. But I'm assuming that data set includes mergers & acquisitions as an end of life event. I'd love to see that pulled out and a real infographic on the topic.