Does Your CEO Understand IT?


Readers have been weighing in with some very insightful (and pointed) comments about IT transformation since we posted a blog item questioning how vague the buzzword is.

Some readers agreed that the term is rather ambiguous or misunderstood; others said "transformation" is rarely mentioned among IT workers in the trenches.

One reader, Tony, agreed that "transformation" means many things to many people. A big problem, as he points out, is that CEOs have a negative or misdirected view of information technology:

"A large group of consultants and some of the media have convinced CEOs that IT is stupid. Look at all the books that proclaim how IT is really bad, wrong or just useless. If that's true, I would like to see all these businesses and consultants turn off all the technology in their company for just one week."

Check out the full comment (and all the others) -- there's a lot of smart thinking there.

Then tell us what you think. Does your CEO look down on IT? Does he/she get it? What affect does your CEO's perception of IT have on the way you lead your IT organization?


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