Do IT Managers Know How to Spot Talent?


As the debate rages on over IT job availability, recruiting and retaining top talent comes into sharper focus. But how good are IT leaders at recognizing their most promising underlings? Attracting and retaining talented IT workers took the prize in the Society for Information Management's poll of top CIO priorities.

And with all the commotion over how many good jobs are available for qualified IT pros, the issue becomes all that much more important.

But how good are IT leaders at recognizing their best prospects? In response to our presentation on proven tactics for keeping top IT workers on board, one reader said IT managers are sorely lacking:

"I was disappointed but not surprised that talent was ignored in the sequence for retaining top talent. Hiring for talent should be step one. Very few managers, IT managers included, know how to identify the talent that is demanded by their positions."

Do you agree? Are IT managers actually the problem?


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