Crystal Balling From Deloitte


Some predictions for 2009 from Eric Openshaw, Vice Chairman and U.S. Technology Leader, Deloitte LLP:

On Technology Consolidation: "While we shouldn't expect blockbuster technology acquisitions like Oracle-Peoplesoft or HP-EDS in 2009, we may actually see more deals than in the past. They will be smaller acquisitions by large technology companies, funded by R&D spend. Most of the large technology players are in a positive cash flow position and can opportunistically acquire technologies that fill gaps in their product and service lines. Likely areas include security, wireless and virtualization."

On Technology and Business Innovation: "Challenging economic times such as today create strong opportunities for innovation. Expect to see significant new disruptive capabilities emerge from technology companies - both in products and services - and interesting new ways of doing business result from this economic crisis. Organizations that focus on being well-run companies and maximizing enterprise efficiencies may well discover that they can deliver more value with fewer resources and thrive in the global economy."


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