CIO Summit: Storage needs to be smarter


Claus Mikkelsen, Chief Scientist, Hitachi Data Systems

Capacity growth continues to grow, price of storage dropping. 50 terabyte drive on the way...but there's no such thing as an empty closet, space is a vacuum that draws stuff in. So we'll fill up those arrays.

You might want to think about buying less storage, and managing it better. Consider capacity as essentially free and unlimited, you keep all data for ever. That's not good.

We no longer have dumb storage, but all manner of techniques to manage. Virtualization levels within virtualization levels. Storage is a pain point, it's complicated. The industry has not been at making storage easy to manage.

Car guy says we want to do firmware updates via satellite. A corollary to storage industry: cars are getting pretty reliable and complicated, need less live maintenance, more by remote. Storage can get to same place.

Growth of unstructured data, explosion since 2006. E.G. the jpg of a canceled check your bank provides, or movies, etc. Enabled by capacities, but it's also a problem. Production data typically not that large within enterprise, relative to other stuff.

Storage Area Networks had a lot of hype. Were going to increase utilization, etc. They solved a lot of problems, but didn't do all promised. Utilization could still be much better.

Solutions: Consolidate where you can. Increase utilization. Eliminate repetitiveness. Archive inactive data.

The storage industry has to drive this. "We've given up on you guys," users will just buy more space.


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