Anshu August 27, 2013 6:43 am

you can teach skill sets, but PEOPLE skills you are born with. And I have seen the Indian bias as well as a Black bias at work. People tend to favor those like thlemeevss, whether or not it is intentionally racial discrimination. Worse, foreign employees have a different work ethic culturally driven, the Indian techs I spoke with admit to constant self improvement to get ahead and to protect their jobs they have. Thus, you get an Engineer working on the phones in Banglaore, as he completes a PhD. American laziness cannot compete with that sorry folks there is a segment of America that feels entitled and doesn't stay so competitive. Ageism is a whole other problem scares me after being out of work a number of years. Hard to compete with 20-something new grads in my 40s. But immigration reform bah. Lies!! Qualified, good citizens have always been able to apply to be citizens. Its the unskilled, or criminal, illegal sort we don't want. It's a real mess.