Can You Trust Your Offshore Partners?


The latest sign that Indian companies are catching up to their western counterparts: "Satyam Computer Services Ltd. Chairman Ramalinga Raju resigned after saying he falsified earnings and assets, prompting a collapse in the stock of India's fourth- largest software-services provider."

Fun fact: Satyam means "truth" in Sanskrit.

Dignan: "Can you honestly trust your infrastructure with a company that has been as dismantled as Satyam?"

Sharma: "I suspect worse frauds by other Indian companies." He sees Wipro and Infosys as winners, and has some faith in the Indian regulators.


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  • Jeff Pilgrim January 14, 2009 6:13 pm

    I was a fairly senior US based manager with an India based outsourcing company. I soon found that I could never trust the company I worked for. Not only in client relationships but as a member of the same "team?". I am hopeful that we will become more intelligent and bring our business applications and jobs back to the US.

  • jay January 13, 2009 11:49 pm

    there is no ethnic or national monopoly on greed. and no system of regulations and statutes can prevent someone clever from taking advantage. india has grown quickly. the world is watching how india handles this home-grown problem just as the world watched the US and germany, and ountless other coutries handle their home-grown problems. i do, however, have a problem with the emotions and nationalistic blindness demonstrated by ASSOCHAM and others. let's get real: there is no such thing as an SEC programme that allows a company to provide stock at IPO prices to potential customers!in fact, if you look at wipro's f-1 from 2000, it clearly states that the programme is for employees and their families ONLY. it seems patently stupid to admit and use prevailing customs as an excuse. (but the US' SEC will have to figure that one out.) defence of wipro, satyam (prior to the "confession"), and others withou8t proper fact-checking is not going to help india inc. in fact, it will serve it badly. the politics of outsourcing are not nor ever have been favourable. let us not give anyone an excuse. as for the world bank? its ponderous lethargy is legend. but methinks there's more cover-up than laziness involved here.

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