Can We Work Efficiently in the Google Era?


Google and other Internet innovations are changing the way we work—and the way we think. But there is hope for IT pros. "Funny, Internet activity can be akin to being in a casino: everywhere there's something (useless) competing for your attention. It's difficult to find the value and stay focused."

That's what reader Kathy Martino said in response to a simple (but troubling) question we posed recently: is technology making us dumber?

The question arose from Nicholas Carr's much-discussed recent essay in The Atlantic, which delved (deeply) into the ways Google and the Internet era are rewiring our brains.

Martino also offered some advice:

Professionally: for those of us who design and build enterprise software, making our enterprise's software just as fun and easy to use as consumer sites might just motivate employees to work more and Facebook less.

Listen to what your users are asking for and there will be a clue—if not an outright good suggestion—of what might be needed to do that.

Keep in mind that it's not simply about recreating consumer technologies as is [in the enterprise]; it's about applying those concepts and technologies in ways that matter in your organization and in ways that help people [in your organization] toward achieving their organizational and departmental goals.

What do you think?