Building a Republican Machine Online


The manifesto for an RNC tech strategy I mentioned this morning follows a call by one of its signatories, Patrick Ruffini, for a new conservative blogosphere:

Most conservative blogs are still stuck in 2003 -- both in terms of the overwhelming focus on media criticism and punditry, and the tendency to outsource electoral politics to the Republican Party...
...Building critical mass behind an independent online movement on the right will probably require new people. The old blogs that have been with us since 2003 will not go away. But they'll need to be joined by people who care more about Indiana's 8th district than Islamofascism, and MN-SEN more than the MSM.
The DNC was a player in the big IT project that helped drive this year's success, and Patrick is tapping into the air war vs ground war meme discussed here, so these ideas certainly make sense on paper, er, in pixels.

It's the cultural change on both fronts that will be the big challenge. Open source vs closed is not just a strategic decision, it's a way of thinking, and activism is harder than criticism.