Boys Club

"The number of women chief executives at Silicon Valley's biggest technology companies dropped to zero this week, with the abrupt departure of VMware's Diane Greene from the company she co-founded 10 years ago." -- Mercury News.

I just finished a feature on managing diversity in the IT workplace -- it should be online soon. My most interesting findings were that diversity is a moving target (for example, sexual orientation and age are now part of the diversity equation, while gains made by blacks and women seem far from secure), and that globalization is a big part of the diversity story.

Ultimately, workplace diversity is about culture -- both corporate culture and its relationship to the larger cultures in which the company operates. And like all culture stories, this one stresses the importance of leadership from the top.

That's what makes the Mercury News article so distressing for anyone concerned with IT workplace diversity. It's not that male bosses can't be leaders in terms of gender issues -- we cite Cisco's John Chambers for his good work in that area -- but ultimately there has to be some payoff in the executive suite.

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