Best Business Books, Or Not


I can almost smell the disaster mounting invisibly and flooding out toward me through the frosted glass panes...

something happened.jpg
I like #9 on Eric's list of 10 Best Business Books for CIOs: Something Happened, by Joseph Heller. Dark, dark stuff, not just about office life but families, aging, and other fun topics.

(A lighter book that touches on some of the same stuff: Then We Came to the End.)

Eric's methodology -- including books that aren't explicitly about business -- opens up a can of worms. Where's the Bible? Lord of the Rings? Where The Wild Things Are? But the point is sound: we learn a lot about business from the business of life.

Besides, so many business titles are just incredibly lame. I edit our monthly book excerpt, and so I'm on a lot of mailing lists and my office looks like an airport bookstore, but only a small percentage the books that come over the transom seem valuable. Does the world need another guide to leadership, or branding? (Previous mockery here.)

This list looks like it has some good books, and some less-good books. Here's a 25 best ever list, some of which have aged better than others.

I recommend Moneyball. And Dickens.


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