Marina August 27, 2013 12:09 pm

Anonymous April 30, 2012 Honestly , I'm a bit guilty of hnviag these negative impressions toward Indian people. My very first social network next to friendster was a language site. I met different nationalities and Indians have bad reputation in that site coz most of them were there not to learn language but to do cyber sex. So I always decline every time I see a friend request or chat request from Indians then one time I got a chat request but the nationality was not displayed and the photo was not looking indian, To cut the story short , I was able to chat with this person , to my surprise, the person is very smart,and well grounded.. from then on we became really good friends. I've learned so much about Indian culture and vise versa. If you want to piss an Indian national tell him that their cricket team will be lost with Pakistan and if wants to piss me off he will just tell that Manny Pacquiao this bollywood movies, I promise you, you'll get be addicted to it I recommend: ghajini'and if you love the movie email me and i'll recomend another one and a lot more