Ask And Ye Shall Receive


A commenter asks, somewhat peevishly, for more information on a study mentioned in this sidebar to our recent article on diversity in the IT workplace.

The issue of age is an important one, which is why we included it in the piece. Here's a link to the presentation I quoted, The Representation of Older Workers and the Culture of Information Technology, by UNC's Mairead Moloney, Kate Pepin, Jennifer Craft Morgan, and Victor Marshall. (Here it is in HTML if you don't like PowerPoint.)

In answer to his question, yes, CIO Insight employs senior writers and editors over the age of 40; I'm the senior writer responsible for the article in question, and I'm 46, and my editor is even older.

And I don't think it's a bad thing for a reader to drill down on a specific part of a broader trend story. In fact, in this interactive age, I'd expect nothing less.


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