Archie Bunker Is Not The Problem


I know a woman of a certain age who is a straight-up bigot -- Archie Bunker with an expensive haircut and a charming Southern accent. She's an avowed homophobe and freely admits that she'd never vote for Obama because he's black.

If only diversity issues were as simple as disagreeing with her.

But they're not, as Brian Watson points out in his post about our current feature on diversity in the IT workplace.

I didn't have a problem with the CIO involved in the call-center anecdote maintaining his anonymity -- it was, as BW says, an issue involving employees, and it could have caused tensions with the outsourcer and other business partners, too.

The complexity of the call-center issue and the thoughtfulness of the CIO's approach interested me. It's possible that some workers actually had a hard time understanding some Indian accents, and that others were commenting on a novel experience without either malice or particular grace. Separating those responses from more pernicious ones, devising appropriate responses, and moving ahead as a cohesive team -- all represented real management challenges.

And in a global economy and a changing culture, complex issues arrive on the CIOs desk every day.


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