All Shook Up


My first reaction to this report that a surprisingly-high percentage of ancient civilizations arose near earthquake zones was to say "coincidence is not causality," and to wonder what other factors (e.g., water, climate) were involved.

My second reaction was to call a publisher to pitch my new business book, Earthquake Management: What Your Company Can Learn from the Shakeups that Shaped Our World. If I can work the word "disruptive" in there and get some blurbs from the right people, this thing could be in bookstores near you in time for Christmas.

I get so, so many business books sent to me in this job (some of them duplicates, which is not very eco-friendly, with "eco-" working equally well for "ecological" or "economic").

A large percentage of these books have the words "leadership" or "change" in the title or subtitle. Many of them are built around ideas no meatier than my earthquake thesis, which is not even a thesis but a title based on a brief science article.

There are plenty of good ones out there. I excerpt a book every month in our print edition, and I may start excerpting more online.

But now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a book proposal to write.


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