Beyza August 27, 2013 7:27 am

If you think about it, where does the offshored money go? Back into our local ecoonmy (stores, services, etc.)? Do the offshore employees pay american income taxes?It doesn't take a genius to figure out saving 10-25% on offshore labor directly takes 10-25% from the mouths of tax collectors, schools, local business, etc. all of which in turn employs people.Think about it. If you are just a single tech worker displaced by an offshore laborer, you are now no longer paying taxes. You are no longer buying services and goods. Obviously, that in turn hurts others in our ecoonmy that rely on your business and programs that run on your tax dollars. If you open your eyes and look around you, you can see the direct result of the minimal savings that a few of the company owners and board benefits from. Offshoring hurts everyone all for the benefit of very, very few rich people that can afford a little less anyway. don't believe the people who are telling you that offshoring isn't bad for the ecoonmy. Just look around at how the countries we offshore to have a sharply increasing ecoonmy while we who offshore have a sharply decreasing ecoonmy. It's just common sense, right?