Steve Jobs: The "i" that Shaped the World


By Marc J. Schiller

Steve, it was your eye that shaped the world.

It was your eye for design and presentation that set the standard for product beauty for all to emulate. It was your eye that set the standard for user interface. It was your eye for fonts, and graphics and computer animation that set the standard in these areas as well. What an eye you had, bringing us iMacs and iPods and iPhones and iPads. And what an eye you taught us all to have.

There isn't a graphic designer in the world who doesn't reference Apple. There isn't a marketing executive who doesn't use Apple as the benchmark for simplicity and packaging excellence. There isn't a CIO in the world who isn't wrestling with the revolution in consumer technology that you started. And there isn't a CEO who doesn't wish for the innovative prowess that you infused into Apple.

But I'm not writing about your loss as a dispassionate commentator. For me it's personal. You see, I grew up on your products. I wrote my first lines of code on an Apple II. I bristled when you were pushed out of Apple. I rejoiced when you returned. (I especially rejoiced after buying the stock a while back. Thanks for that too.)

I feel your presence all around me. My company runs on all Apple products. My home network is Apple top to bottom. My family owns numerous iPads, iPods, iMacs, Apple TVs, Mac Minis and more. I spent more than two years up to my eyes in Final Cut Pro editing my first film. And the list goes on and on. And I am hardly unique. There are millions more just like me all over the world who put your genius to work (and play) every day.

Only your family knows the pain and suffering they faced in light of your illness. And now they must cope with your untimely loss. What can I possibly say except to wish them that they somehow find support in the global outpouring of love and support that you have inspired.

And yes, you were right when you said in 2003 that death is what gives life meaning. But this dose of meaning we could all have done without for a while longer.

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Marc J. Schiller, author of "The 11 Secrets of Highly Influential IT Leaders," is a speaker, strategic facilitator, and an advisor on the implementation of influential analytics. He splits his time between the front lines of client work and evangelizing to IT leaders and professionals about what it takes to achieve influence, respect and career success. Download a free excerpt of his book at http://11secretsforITleaders.com


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