IT Staffing: More Problems Ahead?


A new memo from Forrester's Marc Cecere predicts a big plus for IT careers: IT-related jobs should see the second-fastest growth of any group through 2016.

Now the inevitable bad news: "Net replacement job growth/attrition within IT will fall, driving up IT staff turnover nearly 50 percent higher than normal. The result? CIOs looking to hire will find it more difficult to find suitable, well-qualified candidates."

A lot of you responded negatively when CIO Insight columnist John Parkinson explained his recruiting woes in August. And we understand that it hasn't been easy out there for many experienced IT pros. But the problem Cecere points out (and Parkinson explains from first-hand experience) is very, very real.

And it's not like CIOs won't have their own problems keeping their jobs.

Countless CIOs have told me about the difficulties they face in this area. What are you doing to prepare for the looming staffing crisis?

Cecere's note alludes to a forthcoming report offering advice for CIOs. In the meantime,

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  • B.F. February 05, 2010 10:37 am

    This is aside from the number of IT people, like me and some of my peers that I know, that are working to move out of the IT field. Currently I am working on my business degree and I know several other IT people doing the same, with the intent on leaving I.T.

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