Is It Time to Get Out of IT?


IT pros continue to gripe about the career landscape. Going out on your own is one option. But how easy is it? We've been writing a lot lately on IT careers. Most of it hasn't been very cheery.

Take this analysis of the current IT job market, and what it means for IT pros. The gist is that so many factors are in play, but most of them don't portend well for the U.S. IT worker's future.

An anonymous reader responds with this:

I left IT some years ago and, while a scary decision at the time, has turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. I'm finishing med school next year and can't wait to (re)start in a truly professional career.

I pity those of my friends that remained in IT—unfortunately most have ended on the scrapheap with very poor prospects for their futures. They and theirs have suffered terribly.

So, no matter what age/stage you are, LEAVE and don't look back.

We've heard that before. Ellen, a self-described "C-level IT manager," had this to say to our blog post about the disconnect around government IT jobs data and the realities of those in the field:

My advice is if you are young, get out of IT. My son is finishing engineering at university and I have actively discouraged him from going anywhere near IT. There are better options.

If you are older, like me, well you just have to hunker down and survive while recognizing that the industry the U.S. created is now going elsewhere and soon the U.S. will slip behind (though I doubt whether there will be much innovation offshore).

So what's a techie to do?

Noam Wasserman, an associate professor at Harvard Business School, touches on one potential choice: leaving the corporate ship and set out on your own.

That decision can be rife with trouble, particularly if corporate workers wait too long, he explains. Simply put, delaying an entrepreneurial shift can leave you too comfortable with a big-company infrastructure. And that won't bode well for your new enterprise.

While his piece doesn't focus specifically on IT pros, the lessons are the same.

With so many IT pros griping about their careers, is entrepreneurship an option many are considering?


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