H-1B Visas to Get More Scrutiny


Those of you who participated in our lengthy discussion over hiring H-1B holders vs. U.S. IT pros might find this bit of news interesting.

Kevin Fogarty at eWeek reports that H-1B visas may be harder to come by in the near future. That's because of a recent report claiming that up to one in five H-1B applicants may be fraudulent. In turn, the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (the agency overseeing the program) now plans to tighten its scrutiny over H-1B applications.

Let's review what we already know. H-1B holders typically get paid much less than qualified U.S. IT workers, and plenty of those American techies think their foreign counterparts are subpar. But in a time of economic uncertainty, cheaper labor sounds more appealing than ever.

We'll see what happens. Do you think the government will actually crack down on H-1Bs, or will it continue to be business as usual?


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