CIO Salaries Rise, But Bonuses Slip


A few interesting nuggets from our upcoming CIO Role study: CIOs are getting paid more in base salary in 2009, but their bonuses are dropping from last year.

According to more than 400 respondents, CIOs' average salaries are $193,000 in 2009, a slight increase from the 2008 average of $188,000. Last year saw the biggest year-over-year jump in salaries, with a 17 percent increase over 2007's average of $161,000.

Average bonuses slipped in 2009 ($33,000) from 2008 ($46,000), dropping total average compensation for 2009 to $226,000 from the 2008 total of $234,000.

Guy Currier, our able research director, is currently completing his analysis, and I think you'll find the full results quite interesting.

The salary issue came up in our April issue, in a story about retaining IT pros. Insiders told contributor Bob Violino that money matters, but building a healthy, creative workplace is just as important. That's some good advice in a time where extra dollars are hard to come by.

BearingPoint CIO Paul Goldfarb also sees the value of competitive salaries but uses other incentives and tactics to keep his talent on board. For BearingPoint, every little bit helps: the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in February.

Our survey got a solid number of responses, but there are plenty more of you out there. So tell us, what trends are you seeing for IT executive salaries and bonuses? Is your compensation going up or down this year?


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