njoy_d_ride May 25, 2009 6:10 pm

Well, Brian, it's been more than a month since this article came out, and no one has said anything. Hummmmmm. Grooming your next CIO? From what I see from today's issue (May 25, IT and the Recession) it looks like CIO Insider is trying to help everyone keep their best people until they can outsource their jobs. What IT functions do you and your pals at CIO Insight think it is important for a business to keep "on site"? And if you answer something like "Well, we can't say that for a specific business" blah blah blah... are you really saying that the role of CIO is soon coming to an end? And if this is so, maybe the folks who aren't grooming their next CIO a step ahead of you? This answers the question you ask at the end of your article. What functions do you see IT departments doing in the future? Think the CIO will be there by himself, maybe with a secretary, being the advisor to the CEO who keeps the VARs and vendors in line and has a conference call to India tonight to settle issues with the help desk? I've read your article/slide show on what a CIO will do in the future. Will he be head of an IT department? To borrow a phrase from Doug Adams, Be vague. What will the functions of a large company's IT department be? A mid-sized company? A small company? Should our high school grads bother to seek IT degrees? Can you and / or you pals at CIO Insight can answer that?