Brian Spomer July 17, 2008 9:16 pm

In my considered opinion--after over 20 years in an IT career--working for several large companies in the manufacturing, telecommunications, and retail industries--there is NO SUCH THING as a "recession-proof" IT job!!! This is ESPECIALLY true IF you are a SENIOR and EXPERIENCED IT professional OVER 40 years old!! The ultra-radical "cost-cutting" mania of the 2001-2004 era appears to be "alive and well," to the extreme detriment of the dedicated, significantly experienced, senior, career-oriented IT professional. There currently appears to be extremely minimal consideration given by MOST corporate management to a high level of professional experience and expertise demonstrated by a significant career in IT. I also believe that significant age-discrimination {in many cases very cleverly disguised to avoid any reasonable legal action} is extremely rampant in the hiring practices of most large corporations when considering potental IT employees. Therefore, in my opinion, there is NO SUCH thing as a "recession-proof" IT job! ANY (senior) IT professional who expects to be valued for their specialized experience and expertise {developed over a significant time-period, through education and long-term dedication in the "school of hard knocks"} is certain to be disillusioned by the EXTREMELY negative environment toward SENIOR IT professionals that appears to exist in most large corporations at the present time.