Virtualization as Metaphor


Reading this article about a couple of Nobel laureates rethinking growth and other economic metrics made me think about...virtualization.

Not so much virtualization as a technology, important as it is, but virtualization as a metaphor for the sustainable, post-bubble culture we say we want to build.

The old data center model was about cheap bits and cheap power, with efficiency and environmental impact secondary considerations at best. The new, virtualized model is about getting the most out of every dollar invested, with some nice non-financial benefits on the side.

It reminds me of things like the need for infill development in urban areas, as opposed to endless sprawl, and the huge inventory of housing stock that currently chokes the home-sales market.

Besides which, it's a smart way to run an IT shop.

I wonder if we'll remember any of this stuff when the money starts flowing again.

UPDATE: More here.


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