Francesca August 26, 2013 10:05 pm

Some of the themes being addressed this year at the Gartner PPM Summit revolve around these issues. This morning's keynote presentation was a great example. Project leaders and the PMO are being challenged to take a more active strategic role in projects. It was suggested that We are in charge of making strategy happen. That might not mean that project leaders are responsible for making strategic decisions, but it does mean that dropping a pile full of data in the CEO's lap without a recommendation or potential decision is the quick road to irrelevance (and far more risky than suggesting a potential decision). According to Gartner analyst Donna Fitzgerald, The PMOs that are most successful are those who are willing to take calculated risks. I think the same applies to project leaders. Projects are risky by their very nature. What's more, CEOs are looking for competitive advantage, which requires us to make decisions that include some level of risk. This is the risk Donna is talking about. Mike, you are absolutely right. Companies don't grow without risk_