It's a Floor Wax and a Dessert Topping


It's two trends in one!

IBM announces a new data center in North Carolina's Research Triangle, touting both its cloud cred and green sheen.

I kid because I love. IBM's cloud strategy and its green initiative both bear watching, and I've already invited myself to visit the RTP center.

I do worry about my hometown of Greensboro, located just up I 40 from RTP (just this side of Winston-Salem, which made that BusinessWeek cheap list). Apparently we're touting ourself as a data-center location.

Nothing wrong with adding to local economic mix and making use of old facilities, but I hope the powers-that-be understand that data centers are not big drivers of high tech employment in and of themselves, and that the whole point of the cloud is that the people who use the data might be anywhere else in the world.


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