Green IT: Cost Trumps Environment


No, green IT might not be the sexiest or more exciting IT initiative this year, especially given how hard it's been in 2009.

But green looks poised for a comeback. And businesses are shifting their priorities--dramatically.

When we looked at green IT in late 2007, respondents told us their top motivation was the environment. But a new study by BT finds that cost control rules when it comes to eco-friendly IT. According to the report, 81 percent of respondents named lowering costs as their top driver, versus 47 percent citing environmental concerns.

As our Ed Cone wrote a long, long time ago, there's nothing wrong with businesses doing well for themselves while doing good for the planet.

But what does it all mean for CIOs? As I noted last time, one expert sees CFOs--not CEOs on corporate boards--now driving green initiatives. While green might not be on top of the priority ladder, CIOs can make a big splash in their businesses by partnering with their CFOs to make effective cost-cutting decisions.

CIOs, what do you expect to be doing to be greener in 2010?

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